VR immerse app that allows you to change textures and paint on the walls instantly.


Material Customizer was made as an utility for easier selection of the right color for your home. In the app you can find a palette of the paints and plasters of one of the polish paint producer. We can use the palette to cover walls of the VR apartment and see them instantly appear right in front of us in a natural sunlight.


First thing that we did was to make a full palette of virtual plasters based on the pictures and samples provided by the producer. Thanks to advanced PBR textures in our app we can see the exact color, texture, glossiness and other details of a real product without opening a can.


Material Customizer was made as an application for HTC Vive VR goggles, so the free movement on the whole scene and natural feeling of the dimensions of room became possible. This technology allows us to present a virtual world on a space of limited showroom or even a trade  fair stand (sizes from: 2 x 2m to 4,5 x 4,5m). In the virtual environment you can create all kinds of different interactions and, using a high-end engine, make a world which looks very natural.


At the end of each session in VR participant can take a snapshot from the app and can share them on social media right inside the app.

Completion: Feb 2016

Client: Digital Wanderer






February 2016



Digital Wanderer